I work in Diabetes Research, I am familiar with the landscape.  However, by no means am I an expert in Diabetes.  I am however, the father of an amazing little girl who has Type 1 Diabetes - and will aim to answer questions that I myself had.  I hope that you find these helpful.  If there is a specific question that you have, please message me and I will answer, from a parents perspective.

Why did you start this website?

This website was created as a means of expressing myself.  My emotions.  The blunt and real aspects of life and caring for someone with Type 1 Diabetes.  It's secondary purpose is to help those like myself who are looking for answers in a truthful way.

How did you know that your daughter had Type 1 Diabetes?

We didn't know.  My wife and I noticed that our daughter was going to pee alot.  Then she would drink lots of water.  We didn't think much of it.  You drink, you pee.  Seems fitting.  However, she was peeing about 3 times an hour.  She was fully toilet-trained, but starting having accidents at school and during the night.  A quick google search tells you that children around 4-6 yrs of age have many accidents at school and during the night.  Google also said that it can be a growth spurt.  We didn't think much of it.  My wife then say something about the symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes and frequent urination.  She asked me what I thought, and I immediately said "No, never.  We don't have a family history of Diabetes."  I work in Diabetes Research and am fortunate enough to work closely with family physicians and researchers.  One physician gave me a couple urine test strips and told me to check, just as precaution.  The urine test trip tested for sugar in the urine.  Sure enough for Chloe, the colour on the strip changed and indicated that she was leaking sugar.  I called the doctor and was told to take Chloe straight to the emergency department.

How did she get Type 1 Diabetes

We really don't know.  Right now, no one really knows, but there is a lot of research being conducted to find out.  It is assumed that Chloe caught a virus and it decided to attack her pancreas, killing off the insulin producing cells.  This is an auto-immune disease, where the body is basically fighting itself. Lucking for Chloe, we caught this in time before she went into DKA - Diabetic Ketoacidosis.  It is life-threatening when this happens.

What is DKA?

DKA is Diabetic Ketoacidosis.  This happens when the body cannot use the sugar, as the insulin can't carry the sugar to the parts of the body for energy.  So the body starts to break down fat and uses the fat for energy.  The liver processes the fat into fuel for the body, this is called ketones.  When this is in the blood, it causes the blood to be acidic.

What are the signs of DKA?

  • Excessive thirst
  • Frequent urination
  • Vomiting and Nausea
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Fatigue or Weakness
  • Fruity-scented breath
  • Confusion