Awesome vacation experience

With the experience that I had last time, I was really anxious about heading out on a plane again.  This time, it wasn’t to the UK it was to a “Second World Country” – Cuba.

I have heard that three of Cuba’s main exports are Rum, Cigars and Doctors – so that kept my mind at ease.  Heading through airport security in Toronto was a breeze – we carried additional drinks and showed them the Doctor’s note, no issues.  Told them she is wearing a medical device and we wanted the visual inspection, no issues and she was accommodated.

The flight was great, her levels on the plane was within range – we landed in Cuba – gave her a snack and waiting to go through the security at Cuba.  For those who haven’t been, then check your carry-on through x-ray.  I was carrying a spare Dexcom G5 sensor and Transmitter, I was told my Dexcom Customer service that a metal detector was fine, but X-ray was not, so I politely asked them to no x-ray.  They didn’t understand, so I explained in broken english/spanish that the medical device couldn’t go through the x-ray.  They told me to speak to the director, so I did – she asked what it is, how it worked – I did the whole Dexcom 101 and then she wrote something on my Cuban visa and said ok.  That was that.


The time in Cuba was simply amazing.  The Dexcom works well underwater and the Rockadex patches held up very well!  The salt water, sand, humidity and chlorine didn’t affect it at all.  I am a strong believer in them now.  Our Endo told us that insulin would absorb at a different rate while in a hot and humid environment, well whatever it was, Chloe’s BSL was amazing!!! no Lows and no crazy Highs!  It was actually better while we were on vacation instead of us being at home.

I will post some pictures in the next little while.  Until then…


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