Vacation planning

So we are heading off to the UK for the Christmas break, will be in central London, so not too worried about Chloe’s medical needs there. We are also heading to the Canary Islands for 1 week at an all-inclusive. Canary Islands are off the coast of the Sahara. There is a cluster of volcanic islands – and we are heading to one of them. This doesn’t have me concerned, but it does have me prepared. Packing insulin and making sure it is kept cool is one of my main goals. When determining how to do this, I thought of an insulated bag with ice packets and a small thermometer. Initial overnight tests proved this won’t do, as after 8 hours, it heated up to the over 15 degrees C. Next test is a THERMOS. I got a stainless steel “food” thermos that claims to keep items cold for 24hours and food warm for 12 hours.
So I have threw in a handful of ice cubes, a gel pack and a thermometer – lets see what happens in the morning. I am aiming for it to stay under 10 degrees.

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